• Why Life Coaching?

    7 Reasons Why Life is Better with a Coach

    1. You are focused and able to navigate any challenge smoothly.

    2. You improve your follow-through by setting goals and becoming accountable.

    3. You find the real you that you never knew existed.

    4. You quickly "hit your stride" and develop a set of tools that work for you.

    5. You prioritize what is important in your life and find time for these activities.

    6. You achieve clarity by learning how to put issues in perspective.

    7. You are motivated, enthusiastic, and productive as you increase your energy and decrease stress by eliminating distractions and people that drain you.

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Archive for May 25th, 2012

Learn Facts About Metallic Caskets »

Organizing a burial is usually one of a very complicated issues you really have to do, especially when shopping for caskets.  You have to make several difficult and often pricey actions during a time of serious psychological hardship, which makes these currently tough moves even more difficult.  Searching for caskets, picking a location for the […]

Water Fountains Create A Main Interest »

Putting water fountains to your patio, deck or garden will surely establish a new focus of interest in that place. A calming atmosphere will be added to those areas that will not only please you but your guests as well. The outdoor water fountains are distinctive blend of inherent peace and evident beauty that makes […]

A Closer Look At Online Christian Counseling Courses »

Many Americans identify themselves with Christian congregations. While statistical data shows that the percentage has declined, more than half of the population is still religious in one way or another. Because of this, the demand for Christian counselors is evident, especially with the way things are going everywhere. As such, completing Christian counseling courses makes […]

Traditional Fabrics For Your Home »

If you are a person who think that decorating the walls of your own house is complicated, you might have to think again.  In fact, wall decorating is simple yet challenging.  Just think, observe and browse…, and soon you will realize there are plenty of things to put on your walls and there are also […]

Incorporating Self-Hypnosis And NLP’s Swish Pattern To Let Go Of Unwanted Habits »

With this article, we are going to use a version with the Swish pattern used in NLP to accommodate an unwanted practice. Please spend some time preparing for this approach session by creating a heightened awareness of the habit – know very well what you do, the situations you do it in, what you imagine […]