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3 Paths To Leave A Past Relationship Behind

1. Take your ex off a pedestal. Though you may still love your ex and care for her intensely it is important that you don't admire her and build her up to something more than she is. This is the time to take down all romantic footage of the two of you together. Delete old SMS messages and voicemails that you listen to in moments of weakness.

You don't need to cut her out of your life absolutely, but you need to remove her influence so you can see her clearly. This is going to help you to go forward into a fresh relationship with her with a sound head on your shoulders to make rational, healthy decisions.

2. Get closure on your relationship. Although you might still have a hope for reconciliation, you need to appreciate precisely why your relationship finished in the 1st place. If you were the one that ended the relationship, then you want to make peace with your intentions at the time – even if you are still beating yourself up over making a negative mistake that sabotaged your relationship.

After you've a clear understanding of why the relationship ended, you will be able to cope with issues from past times. After these issues have been dealt with, then you'll have the strength and clearness you will need to consider starting a relationship with her again in the future.

3. Refrain from contact. You do need a period for yourself to go without contact with your ex. This will give you sufficient time to clear your head and go through the “withdrawal period”, so to speak. If you are friends with your ex on Facebook, consider blocking her profile temporarily in order to give yourself time to cure.

Don’t email, call, or text message in this period of time. This is the time that you so really need to concentrate on yourself and allow your feelings to cure so that you will be healthy enough to start a brand new relationship. This is critical info to know if you were thinking about getting your ex back.

This is an excerpt from Susan Alexander‘s famous book how to get your ex back into your life.

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